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In which I begin Spring Break…

It’s not actually a break, so I don’t know why they call it that. I mean, we get a week off of school, but who really gets a “break” when they have little children, are planning a move, building a business, and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle?

A break to me is just a different kind of school all together. We’re still learning and growing and moving forward, but we don’t have our heads in the textbook or our eyes glued to a history lesson on the computer screen.

The kids still make me five million art projects and leave the unused pieces all over the house. We still need to eat 3-5 square meals a day and I fully intend to insist upon physical education daily. Our house still needs to be cleaned, and our laundry done.

Break? Not so much. Besides, I don’t want a break from Spring. Bring on the warm, tee-shirt and shorts weather. Let the sun shine and the rain wash away the last of winter. Let me get a few good runs in for my marathon training. Let me take the kids to the park or have an impromptu picnic on the porch.

Let me FINALLY get a consistent Power Hour in for my business building every day.

I’ve decided I’m going to take this week as the gift it is. A chance to not focus on subjects like math and spelling and an opportunity to freely enjoy other areas of my life I’ve neglected while pursuing an education for my children.

Happy Spring…not-break. ♥

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