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In which I handle objections…

Okay, not going to lie. This post is probably going to not come out the soft, gentle way I wanted it to. I’m trying, but I tend to get a little passionate and abrupt. So I figured this would be easier. Write it on a blog, so no one thinks I’m targeting them or judging. I’m not. Just trying to answer the objections I get as honestly as I can.

If there’s a little sarcastic humor in there, pardon me and just laugh. That’s what I do when I think up some of these answers.

Objection 1: I can’t afford to buy a challenge pack/nutrient dense meal replacement shake/workout program.

Answer: But you can afford the countless medical bills, complaints on social media that your family is sick YET AGAIN, and that $550 gym membership you’ve used ONCE since you bought it on January 1st of LAST year? I’m not saying MY plan is the best one for your family, but I can tell you for certain that your plan isn’t working either.

Objection 2: I’m not into diets and protein shakes.

Answer: Neither am I. In fact, a typical day for me looks a little like this:

Before breakfast: Workout, drink my first 20 ounces of water, and have a cup of coffee after my shower

Breakfast: A nutrient-dense Cafe Latte, blended with flavors that any coffee bar lover will envy

Snack: A banana smothered in an all-natural nut butter (my favorite is cashew with peanut being a close second), and 20 ounces of water

Lunch: Avocado tuna salad and my second 20 ounces of water. A handful of Dark Chocolate Espresso trail mix for dessert

Snack: 20 ounces of water, a cup of coffee or tea, Apples, cashews, and two slices of my favorite cheese

Dinner: Homemade Chicken Caprese with Zucchini Noodles and fresh Parmesan, with a little Red Wine and water.

Objection 3: I don’t think coaching is for me.

Answer: Do you like to inspire people with your story of triumph, success, and victory over failure? Do you like to show people what it looks like to make better choices and change your lifestyle? Do you like to lead by example?

Objection 4: My spouse/significant other is not supportive?

Answer: This one I can understand. I was going at my workout/healthy living plan alone for almost nine years and just this year my husband FINALLY got on board and said yes. Oh he ate the food I prepared and smiled when I showed him the numbers on the scale dropping. But he just didn’t seem to get enthused about joining me, REALLY supporting me. It takes time, it’s discouraging, and it might never happen anyway. But YOUR health is VERY important and if nothing else, you can let them know how important it is for YOU to live well. Ask them to watch you for a while and see what the changes are doing in your body and on your outlook on life. It’s amazing how a previously skeptical spouse will not only become your biggest supporter, but also get right down and sweat it out with you. Patience is key. Believers are not made overnight and they certainly aren’t made by nagging the person into going along with your latest whim. Show them that you ARE a product of the product and that you ARE winning.

Objection 5: Sounds like a neat program, but it’s just not the right time for me.

Answer: So when WOULD be the ideal time? Because I’ll tell you right now, that “ideal” time doesn’t exist. If you don’t make your health and wellness a priority NOW, you might as well understand that you are guaranteeing it won’t be until it’s too late. Or until you get a really HARSH wake-up call and are FORCED to make changes that are going to be a LOT harder. For me, it was a diagnosis and 85 extra pounds (and counting) that finally woke me up to the fact I HAD to make changes or I was going to end up in a hospital bed. It was several thousand dollars and many specialists later before I finally figured out that I needed to take action and get my health under control. As a society, we don’t often think of LONG term consequences for short term choices. We don’t count the REAL cost when we choose not to pay for a monthly shipment of Shakeology and an exercise program. Instead we keep popping hundreds of dollars of prescribed pills/supplements/vitamins and making multiple trips to the doctors/specialists, hoping they’ll fix our health problems.

News flash: The health professionals aren’t going to fix your health. YOU are the only one who can take FULL responsibility and take steps to improve/”fix” your health. I’m not downplaying REAL health problems. Some things ARE beyond our control. But taking charge of your health is NEVER beyond your control and we limit ourselves when we say the time is not right or there’s nothing I can do to change this.

I’ve heard other objections, but I’ll stop there for now. Every day of our lives, we make choices, for good or for ill. FOR our health or AGAINST it. To THRIVE or to just SURVIVE.

And just to prove that MOST obstacles and objections CAN be overcome, here’s a story for you!


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