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In which I taste test a new Super Food…

Okay, I promised to give my opinion on the various recipes I’ve tried using #Shakeology. I’ve so far tried Cafe Latte, Vanilla, and Chocolate. And I’ve mixed and matched various other foods to create something that is hopefully both edible AND delicious.

So, to begin. I will list each of the Flavors by themselves and my opinion, and then give my review on the variations I tried.

  1. Cafe Latte: By itself, it’s a robust java flavored, nutrient-dense smoothie that goes well in water, dairy, or non-dairy beverages. I haven’t tried it in juice yet, but cashew milk is my favorite pairing, followed closely by coconut milk.
  2. Vanilla: It tastes like vanilla ice cream. Thick, smooth, and creamy. Again, I like the cashew milk with this one.
  3. Chocolate: My husband said it tastes like the best chocolate milk he’s ever had. I have to agree. Plus, it’s a whole lot healthier than regular chocolate milk.

Okay. Now for the variations:

  1. Muddy Nutty Buddy: Banana, all-natural Peanut Butter, and Cafe Latte blended with a little ice and some cashew or almond milk. For thicker beverage, add more ice. For thinner, add more milk. And this one is listed first because it’s by far, my favorite variation on the Cafe Latte theme. It reminds me of banana peanut butter sandwiches and the coffee flavor isn’t as strong, but there is still a hint of it.
  2. Honey Nutty: Cashew butter, raw honey, and Cafe Latte. Same formula for the ice and milk and my VERY close second favorite. It’s not too sweet and I get the feeling I’m eating a giant bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios without all the additives. YUM!
  3. Vanilla Berry Smoothie: I buy a mixed bag of frozen berries and cherries from Wal-Mart, blend 1/2 cup of them in with Vanilla Shakeology and VOILA! It also works to add a half a banana for a little extra potassium.
  4. Chocolate Espresso: Chocolate or Cafe Latte blended with ice and coffee. Mocha Java anyone? ♥
  5. Iced Vanilla Latte: Water, Cafe Latte and Vanilla extract. (NOT the imitation stuff. Blech) The flavor is good, but a little on the plain side. I like to spice my lattes up a bit.
  6. Mocha Java Joe: So I used lightly sweetened chocolate cashew milk instead of the almond milk because I am not a big fan of almond milk. Mix it with Cafe Latte and it’s tastier and better for you than any coffee shop mocha latte. Plus, it’s breakfast, coffee, and multivitamin ALL rolled into one.
  7. Greek Coffee Shake: Strong coffee, plain Greek yogurt, and raw honey mixed with Cafe Latte. This one is smooth with a bit of a yogurt tang to it. I thought it good, but not my favorite by any means.
  8. Banana Spice Latte: Cafe Latte, banana and cinnamon. Smooth and spicy. Again, not my favorite, but definitely a good flavor.
  9. Almond Latte: Cafe Latte, almond milk, pure almond extract, and some sliced raw almonds. VERY almond-y. I don’t usually like such a strong almond flavor, but the Cafe Latte smoothed it out and I found it surprisingly tasty. Tried with Cashew Milk as well and that was even better. Of course, the name would have to be just Nutty Latte, but that works.
  10. Coco-Latte: Cafe Latte, cashew milk, Coconut milk and unsweetened coconut. The texture was a little difficult to get past with the shredded coconut, but maybe if I had a Magic Bullet, I could get it a little smoother next time. Got to try tweaking this one a bit because I really liked the flavor.
  11. Mexican Spiced Coffee: I mixed this with coffee instead of water for a stronger coffee flavor. Ground cinnamon, ground cloves, orange zest, and raw honey. Again, need a Magic Bullet or something for a smoother finish, but it definitely delivered on the Spiced part. It was a sharper flavor and I’ll be tweaking the measurements to try and tame it a bit.
  12. To Be Continued…there are SO many more flavors I want to try. For now, go to THIS link to find more recipes for your Shakeology!



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