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In which obstacles are NOT limitations…

Had a recent conversation with someone who seemed to accept defeat as easily as they accept the sun would rise every morning. They claimed they had a goal for their future, but every obstacle that arose made that goal impossible.
I told them if that was the way they viewed it, quit. What’s the point of having a goal if you look at every obstacle as an impossible hurdle put in your way to trip you up?
Thing is, I do that ALL the time. I look at an obstacle as a limitation. Something I CANNOT overcome. When I signed on as a #BeachBodyCoach, I wrote down all my goals. Some were big, some were small, but they all had one thing in common.
I didn’t REALLY believe they were achievable.
Two weeks later, I’m an Emerald Coach on my way to hitting the second level in my success club. There are about three or four of my “impossible” goals in that sentence.
So what happened?
For one, I had quite a few someone’s cheering me on. They weren’t only cheering me on, they were giving me ALL the tools I needed to reach my goals, because THEY believed I could do what I set out to do and they called my bluff without even realizing it.
Two, I have an AMAZING husband who is building this business right along with me. He doesn’t accept limitations easily. Maybe it’s a product of his career as an Occupational Therapist or maybe it’s because he’s been at a point in his life where EVERYTHING was an obstacle to him and he rose above them all. I mean, he was in a MASSIVE car accident with a VERY slim chance of living. And if he defeated THOSE odds, he would more than likely never learn to tie his shoes again.
Did he struggle? HECK yes. He was in a coma, had to endure months of therapy sessions, and suffered depression at times during the grueling process. He was only 18.
But a year later, he was in college studying for a degree in nursing (later changed to Occupational Therapy) and pushing his limitations out of the way with surprising speed. He DID see the obstacles. He just didn’t believe in the end that they would limit him in any way that mattered. He stopped looking at the obstacles and started looking at the possibilities.
It frustrates me to no end that I didn’t (and often don’t) believe I can accomplish the goals I’ve set down. It’s a failing I am struggling to overcome every day and these last two weeks have definitely thrown my disbelief back in my face. Or rather, these last two weeks grabbed my disbelief, shook it upside down, and laughed when it ran around in a dizzy circle.
I still need to grow in this area, but that’s why I pushed so hard in the conversation I mentioned above. Because I KNOW that our greatest obstacles are often ourselves–our own disbelief in what can be and IS possible.
I don’t know if they understood or even if they are going to change their mindset. Sometimes, the impossible becomes SO big, that we can’t see past our blinders. And it will take a LOT of work to remove those blinders and see clearly. But it can be done. And that’s ALWAYS what I hope to pass on through my story and experiences.

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