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In which I push through pain…

My muscles were burning and the sweat dripped in my eyes. A few not very feminine grunts issued from my mouth as I pushed through rep number ??? I couldn’t remember at that point. The “Hammer” or Sagi Kalev in BeachBody world yelled at me to keep pushing past the pain as he hoisted up a 40 pound weight just to make me look puny with my minuscule 10 pounds. I yell back at him to shut up and let me concentrate, but inside I’m smiling as my Amazon side perks up at the challenge.

At the end of a workout like that, I absolutely LOVE the child’s pose. I close my eyes, drop my chin, and rest. Filling my lungs with air and releasing it over and over again until my heart has stopped racing and my mind is processing more than just the burn of newly shredded muscles.

Why would I put myself through that torture every day except Thursdays, which happens to be my active rest day?

For the same reason I keep working on a recipe that failed on me three times before or apologizing to my kids when I lose my temper or sitting down to have my quiet time with God after I’ve neglected Him for a little while.

It’s painful to grow and change and admit failure. But the results are worth it. SO worth it. When I finally perfect that meal that I worked so hard on and I see my husband’s face as he enjoys every last bite. When I check my temper and work through the kid conflict with patience and unconditional love. When His Word cuts through me, sharper than a two-edged sword but oh, so very gentle in His teachings.

When I add a few pounds to my weight reps and feel the strength flowing through my arms and legs. When I can run faster and farther. When my energy doesn’t flag mid-morning and I’m able to resist the temptation on that second slice of birthday cake. When rest day becomes a day I wish I could work out some more.

Because I see the permanent results and the pain is only temporary.

The change in me doesn’t happen over night. I’ve been pushing through these workouts for three weeks now. I’ve lost inches and pounds, but it takes work and dedication and a will of iron.

Today was a perfect example. We had a busy, active week and I just wanted to curl up and sleep. I can feel a mild cold coming on, but it’s already taking some of the stuffing out of me. I debated napping first and THEN doing my workout. The instant I thought that, I knew a nap would be the death of my willpower and I reluctantly got off the couch. All through the 50 minute exercise video, I grunted and breathed, pushing my exhausted body to the max.

I used ten pounds where I had used eight. I used fifteen where I’d lifted ten. And I felt like an Amazon woman when I yelled back at Sagi.

Inside, I just smiled. The pain is temporary. Child’s pose feels amazing. And the results are worth fighting for.12643005_759167082780_3061951456344007006_n



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