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In which I discover what it takes to be an entrepreneur…

I’ve repeated it so often, I’ve completely convinced myself it’s the truth.

I am NOT an entrepreneur.

I couldn’t sell a product if my life depended on it, and having my OWN business? Forget it. Aside from my dreadful lack of organizational skills, the inner workings of day to day business planning and executing just overwhelms me.

I mean, it’s not for everyone, right? Most entrepreneurs I meet are go-getters and don’t have a lazy bone in their body. They live, breathe, eat, dream, walk their business and the passion just exudes from their pores in the first five seconds they start talking.

I am a stay-at-home mom, I get up and go when necessary, and I admit to a tendency toward laziness with great shame. Sometimes I mistake being over-opinionated and stubborn for passion.

So when my lovely sister asked me to do BeachBody coaching, I chuckled. I could give her a LONG, LONG list of all the attempts I made to be my own boss and how absolutely magnificent each failure was in the end.

Entrepreneur? Fitness coach? HA!

Then something she said, just hit me hard.

“You can’t “sell” something you don’t believe in 100%. You don’t sell, you inspire with your passion for something that works.”

I’m paraphrasing a bit, but that was the gist of it. I’ve always looked at entrepreneurship as this sales job where you push, push your brand and drag people along, kicking and screaming if necessary. I was so focused on the idea of “selling” something, I completely missed the point.

I found this quote today while looking for ideas and ways to share my passion as a BeachBody coach.

An Entrepreneur isn’t someone who owns a business. An Entrepreneur is someone who makes things happen.

And that’s exactly what I was missing. I’m not here to sell a product or push someone into something that doesn’t fit them at all. I’m here to tell my story and inspire others to seek their own path to health and wellness.

Maybe it’s becoming a BeachBody coach or just trying out a challenge group and losing those few pounds you’ve been wanting to get rid of since the holidays ended. Maybe my story will inspire you in other ways that have nothing to do with my own passion. And that’s okay! If one thing I say can give someone a new lease on life or set them on a path to success, then I’ve made something happen.

That is SO satisfying and freeing! I can give with no expectations because my purpose and passion is to see people succeed and thrive, no matter what that looks like.

Do I want to make my business work? Of course. To do that, I need to build a team and work hard to get others on board. But that comes secondary to my main passion and purpose. And THAT is what I want others to know about Entrepreneurs.

Get out there, make things happen, and give with no expectations.

In the meantime, here’s a little picture of what MY story looks like. 😀



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