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In which I discover freedom and time…

I am addicted to games. Google games, games on the iPad, games on my PC. The temptation of mindless hours of fun is a lot more appealing the more time I spend on such things.


4 thoughts on “In which I discover freedom and time…

  1. Wow, while I read your blog I sit here thinking yeah its a good idea I’ll get rid of Candy Crush, and Bee Brilliant, Bingo, Hay Day all those where I’m tempted to spend money (I’ve been pretty good so far). I think that and know i can get rid of those because i’m not addicted, but in the same breath I’m thinking well I’ll keep Bonza and Bubbles and others that are ‘Brain Games’ surely she’ll give me those. But wow, just that comment proves your point. Thanks for helping me recognize, these “distractions’ are what I need to get away from to help me get on with my life – definitely not what I need. I appreciate the help, i really really needed the wake up call.

    1. This is a wake up call for me as well. I love inspiring others, but I also get kicked in the pants when this sort of realization comes a long. And boy, do they come along often for me. I’m SO glad I could help inspire you! We’re all on this journey together, and I for one could not be more grateful to have others journey with me. 😀

  2. Since my brother died, I have not played one round of Caesar’s Casino games–the only games that I have on any device. Although I have a lot of email from them to get back on, somehow, the serious work I still have to do to close his estate makes the thought of playing seem disrespectful to his memory.

    I applaud you in this very relevant version of ‘cord cutting’. You will not believe the vast amount of time you have just freed up. Congratulations!

    1. Sometimes, when these realizations come along, I start giving myself the mental guilt trip. “you should have had this figured out by now. But I realize that I’m on a journey and each lesson comes as I need it the most. I love learning and growing and I hope that each year will be one more step forward on the journey. 🙂

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