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In which Fall is a Time for Reflection

I love it.

That crisp, cool sensation as you wake up in the morning. It’s just on the edge of frosty, and the bedcovers feel SO good. You want to stay in your warm cocoon, but something about the autumn chill has you suddenly alive with energy.

My kids are back to school and the youngest babbles non-stop as he tries to figure out why his two playmates can’t spend the morning with him. I love the routine, the schedule to follow, the fact that I have to have a plan or nothing will get done. Summer throws me for a loop every year and you’d think by now I’d have figure out a better system. I’m probably one of the few people who actually enjoys the last days of summer because I know fall is coming.

It’s actually ironic. I hate filling my planner with activities and appointments. I break out in hives every time another date is filled. Once it’s written down however, I love knowing that I don’t have to question myself and figure out how to order the chaos.

So I’m moving into a new school year, a new writing season, and a lot of changes. This time next year, we will most likely have moved to a new location in the good old Midwest. The DH has a two hour round trip drive time to his new job, so eventually we will be exploring hobby farms near where he works. It’s crazy. We’ve been living in this same location for five years now. We’ve built a lot of life here, but this last six months feels like a gentle tearing away from this life and a transition to a new adventure.

I’m excited about it. I’m terrified and excited. I always get butterflies when we turn the page to a new chapter in our lives. The adrenaline kicks in and I ride the high for the first year or so. Then we settle and grow comfortable, and another adventure calls us.

For now, I’m just going to enjoy this chapter for all it’s worth.

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