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In which I grab my attitude and give it a shake…

Having a good attitude on a normal day is a lot of hard work and the Grace of God.

Having a good attitude on the days when everything is going wrong and life just seems to suck all the joy out?

Now that’s just God’s Grace hard at work…

I naturally lean a little to the negative side of life. It’s one of my many weaknesses and definitely not something I’m proud to admit. Staying positive does not come easily.

That said, I feel a lot like marriage and family has been a pivotal game changer in that particular struggle. Making my family overflow with the joy of the Lord is now my top priority and I know that God’s Grace is giving me a huge boost. I love seeing my husband excited to be home with us and my children’s smiles and giggles. I love taking part in that joy.

My weakness is still there, lurking behind the scenes. It pops out when I’m vulnerable and tired.


1. The first four months of 2014 were hectic, laden with stress (both good and bad), and exhausting.

2. January brought my last month of pregnancy to a close with the birth of our third child. Three kids…

3. February brought my mother fears to light with the hospitalization of said third child. Four days and a large, LARGE hospital bill later…

4. March brought me a 30th birthday and my very own hospital stay complete with emergency surgery. Two days, a botched billing statement that we still have to fight, and another VERY LARGE hospital bill later…

5. Our debt snowball just grew again, even though we JUST paid off another student loan and were getting ready to pay off the second to last one. (See: above hospital bills)

6.. May just started, but I’m already feeling overwhelmed and a little scattered. I’m actually beginning to panic every time I wake up in the morning, thinking another bombshell might be dropped…

7. I have a GREAT God, full of GRACE, MERCY, and a whole heaping pile of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. And a LOT of patience…


And really, that last one is all that matters.



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