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In which the winter lingers…

This winter has been the sunniest winter I recall in many years…

The excessive sun is the only redeeming quality of a season I can usually appreciate.

It’s too cold. So I find myself cloistered in a home with three children, unable to bring them out for exercise and fresh air and to save my sanity.

I mean, let’s be real. There are only so many dance parties, board games, coloring pages, and books you can use to entertain the littles before that age old adage, “I’m bored. There’s NOTHING to do.” comes back to haunt every mom’s wakeful hours.

Sometimes, I curse the sun because it shines so brilliantly, mocking me with its warm rays as the temperatures continue to drag on into arctic levels day in and day out. If it was dark and dreary, I might be less depressed at the extreme cold.

The sun is just taunting me.

Mental note: Do not give birth to babies in the dead of the coldest winter we’ve seen in many long years. Especially if said baby has two siblings in desperate need of energy burning activities as much as mommy needs full pots of steaming, CAFFEINATED coffee to compensate for her lack.


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