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In which I feel a quickening…

The baby has hiccups. It’s a ticklish sort of feeling, this rhythmic pop, pop, pop in my belly. I’ve been sensing his or her movements for several long weeks now, so it’s not really the “quickening” one describes as those first, soft flutters.

It’s one of the few precious joys I have in my pregnancies. That and knowing that my body is actually sustaining and nurturing a precious new life for nine months–that’s a pretty heady feeling too.

I could give you a laundry list of all the reasons why pregnancy and I do not suit one another. From all day sickness to searing heartburn to sciatic pain so bad I walk like a woman thirty years older than me. There’s more, but I won’t go into it. I’m certainly not the only woman who’s ever experienced a rough pregnancy–or three.

I’m also certain that rough pregnancies teach me to find as many things on my gratitude list as I can. Believe me, it’s not easy and some days I just want to hibernate like one of those grizzly bear mamas who sleep all through the winter in her cozy den, wake up in the spring and presto! She’s got a cub or two tagging along after her.

Getting caught up in the aches and pains of pregnancy comes pretty easy to me. Unfortunately, I’m a pessimist at heart and positivity takes a lot of work. Sometimes, I don’t like work. Okay, a lot of times I don’t like work.

However, I do appreciate the little things all the more once I’ve worked to find them. Like a baby’s hiccups.

I find it amusing that my babies get hiccups while they’re in the womb. As they press upward on my diaphragm and downward on my bladder, there isn’t an organ they aren’t abusing in some way, shape, or form. Yet there they are, swimming around in this little pocket of paradise, somewhere between my burgeoning chest and my ever-expanding thighs. And in that little paradise, my baby is experiencing hiccups.

It’s the simple things I find I’m most grateful for in the craziness of pregnancy, of motherhood, of wifedom…of life.

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