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Dear God

I am thankful that you have provided a vehicle for each of us, loan-free for the last three years. I am also thankful that in spite of accidents, crazy fixes, and weird things like having a car condemned as a danger to our lives, you have kept us safe and made living debt free affordable. It’s been an adventure.

Now however, we are in search of: A reliable van to get us to Bella’s classes this fall/winter. Our van is reliable–when it actually starts. Unfortunately, we never know when it’s going to be stubbornly dead and the battery isn’t the problem. There’s a short somewhere and fixing it will probably be more expensive than just getting a vehicle that actually works 100% of the time.

So we need a gently used, older van. Not worried about mileage, but we’d appreciate something that starts, especially after Jake leaves for work and I’m alone with the kids. If he just worked at one building, we could totally make this one car family thing work for a while longer. We have a new baby coming though and I don’t think that’s going to get us through a Wisconsin winter completely sane. As a caveat, we also need the funding for this gently used, older van. We have an emergency fund, but we are also saving up for a baby’s birth, so every extra penny we have has been designated to that miraculous event.

Having seen you provide in miraculous ways in the past, I’m convinced that this situation is–while frustrating to my human mind–not at all out of your realm of the possible. So I’m thanking you in advance because in spite of my frustration and exhaustion this morning, you gave me this reminder that I am forever in need of you and your amazing grace.

On my knees and in awe,



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