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In which I focus on Unwiring my life…

As a writer, I’ve found the pull of online life to be irresistible. I have my writer’s group that feels so much like family, I could get lost in the discussions, humor, and comfort they bring me–along with the healthy dose of critique on my works in progress. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogs for moms, Blogs for wives, Blogs for writers, you name it, I’m following it. I watch Dave Ramsey online for my financial wisdom, search through thousands of recipes for dinner ideas, and read articles on a variety of subjects. It’s my getaway in the middle of the muddle that is just a normal day for me.

Two kids under 5 and another one on the way. I have plenty of justification for my online habits. I could even go so far as to say it’s not THAT bad in retrospect. My children are fed, clothed, bathed, read to, loved, cuddled, played with, and generally happy. They have two parents who are hands on and fully engaged in the process of parenting…

Or are we?

We do all the right things with our kids…and yes we make mistakes in the muddle. However, we do spend more time than necessary or even healthy if I want to be honest, on the world wide web.

I think the danger for me has always been using the internet as my escape. When I was growing up, books were that for me. Even through college. In the midst of stress and worry, I would escape into my world of words. I think I do the same thing with the internet now.

So I’m taking a challenge. Unwiring my life and putting it back into its proper place…not as a priority, but as a pleasure used sparingly. The novelty’s wearing off and the guilt of spending too much time online is not worth the time or energy. Just as I felt when we decided to tackle our debt–I’m angry enough to go for it now. I’m not shutting down all access or becoming an isolated hermit completely disconnected from the outside world. But I’m also not going to allow my kids the memory of a mom so plugged into the outside world that they lost their priority place in my life. I’m not going to spend so much time online that my time with the Lord is just a pittance in comparison.

I’m taking back my time and stewarding it for the Lord.

If you want to join me, go to:  for more information and to acquire a copy of her ebook to follow along on each day’s challenge.

Now I’m going to sign off and enjoy the rest of the afternoon with my family! 🙂




One thought on “In which I focus on Unwiring my life…

  1. I love this. It is so easy to use the Internet for an escape (oh how I know!). But good for you for taking a step to get free. Glad you’ve joined in!

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