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In which I am reminded once again of God’s provision

We went to a wedding this weekend, celebrating the marriage of a friend from our college days. I was nostalgic the whole weekend, remembering my first months as a married woman. All the craziness of adjusting to being one with another person and enjoying the blush of being a brand new bride.

And the financial aspect. We weren’t nearly as much in debt back then, but the seeds of mismanagement had already been sown. Looking back on those first years, I knew better. We just weren’t angry enough about our debt to do anything about it.

So here we are, 7 years later and still enjoying married life. Several of the bride and groom’s other friends graciously allowed J and I to share our love story and it was a beautiful opportunity–more on that later.

Still enjoying life, but also more in debt. However, I also see a light at the end of the long, dark tunnel. My piece of advice to EVERYONE out there, especially college kids and newly weds: DON’T get into debt. It’s not worth it. The pain is excruciating as you toss away your hard earned dollars to Sallie Mae and car loans. Don’t do it. It’s NEVER worth it and NEVER necessary.

With that being said, there is ALWAYS hope if you’re willing to work hard and go gazelle intense on your debt. We’re seeing the fruits of our labors even now.

At our peak, we had $114,000 in debt. This isn’t including our house which is another baby step altogether in Financial Peace University. Now we are over halfway to the finish line and making HUGE strides each month. Even the months where everything goes wrong and life hits you where it hurts. This month, we had new medical bills, home and car repairs, and several other weird things that Murphy decided to throw at us (See: Murphy’s Law sucks)

Yet, we still managed to find money to throw at our debt snowball. By God’s Grace we found money. Over $2000 of it. 🙂

Why am I being so open about this? Because I am PASSIONATE about seeing others find financial freedom and peace. That means being vulnerable and letting people see that it can and should be done. 🙂

What’s the answer to our ability to get out of debt?

A strong budget plan EVERY month and giving 10% to God off the top. When we are faithful to God, he is SO very faithful to us.


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