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Working cover of my WIP

Working cover of my WIP

Between the Rain is my work in progress as I edit out the bad and make this novel into a workable and even excellent piece of reading material.

Here’s the working pitch:

Logan Donoghue is world-weary and apathetic. He’s tired of trying to live up to his father’s expectations and lofty plans. His choice to go his own way left a bitter divide that he doubts they can mend before the holidays are ruined for his beloved kid sister, Lily.

Broke, prodigal, and alone, he makes the three thousand mile journey back to his family home in the car his father bought him the last Christmas.

Only a few hours into his journey, he’s surprised by a beautiful, young stowaway, Rose MacDonnell, whose appearance in his vehicle is nothing more than an inconvenience.

Another prodigal with a past, Rose’s situation leaves him with no choice but to bring her along on his trip. He can’t face Lily’s wrath if she found out he’d left a poor, needy woman on the roadside.

The journey has just begun for these two misfits as they face the fury of a devil storm, the benevolence of a small town and its eccentric doctor, and a few more surprises courtesy of the God, Logan had tried to ignore of late.

Along the way, Logan rediscovers the value of family, love, and forgiveness – with a little divine intervention from a face-shifting angel on an eye-opening and redemptive mission.


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