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In which I change up the routine just a bit…

All right. I have to wonder how many of my ‘readers’ are actually human beings and not cyberdroids pinging this site whenever key words pop up on their radars.

So I’m going to ask a question to see if I’m just flapping my jaws in the wind – or whatever that phrase is – or if my readers actually care what I write about.

Question: Are you human?

I feel like one of those weird scientist people asking if there’s life on Mars and if so, is it humanoid or some other unknown?

In other news, I’m gearing up for NaNoWriMo2012 and if you’re a writer and you don’t get your hands dirty with this challenge, you ain’t worth your salt. 🙂

No, I’m kidding. I did read on another blog post just yesterday by an editor acquaintance of mine – Jamie Chavez – that some published authors are a bit snobbish when it comes to NaNo. Apparently, it’s not worth the time of day or it’s an insult to all the hard work they do to think that just ANYONE can write 50,000 words in a month.

I’d say I was insulted, but as an unpublished writer, it just made me laugh really hard. Why on earth would I care what a published author thought about my taking up a writing challenge? To me, it’s a great excuse for family members when I ask for more childcare. Plus, I get to mingle with other writers and budding writers on their path to self-fulfillment (See: publication, bucket list completion, general socialization with intelligent life after being stuck in the house with babbling toddlers all day long)


Yeah, that last one is me…so is the first example.

Anyway, I’m doing a half-rebel, half-NaNoer thing this November. I will be working on a new manuscript, but I’m also in the process of completely revamping my fairy tale. I’ll hopefully be adding updates and insights into my experiences this month. If not daily then weekly at the least. (because I am human and have other obligations)

I’m going to be participating in some write-ins (See: a bunch of adults and teens/preadolescents getting together to stare at their respective computer screens/notebooks and attempt to create word art.), brainstorming with my long-suffering husband, and looking for childcare in exchange for good homecooking (See: blog post about budgeting/debt free challenge)

Along the way, I’ll be looking for support in the form of love, prayers, money (See: start-up costs to publishing), and a lot of laughter. This should be great fun and a whole new adventure. I’d love it if I had company along the way (See: as long as you don’t expect me to actually be social while my nose is stuck in my computer)


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