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In which I lament the forced laziness and wonder why I’m lamenting…


As a person whose natural tendencies sway toward laziness, you’d think a two week hiatus from heavy lifting, exertion, and work would sound like heaven.
Note to self: When the desire to be lazy gets overwhelming, remember not to injure myself in such a debilitating way. It’s NOT WORTH IT…
I fell in the beginning of October. Some of my readers may already know the story, but I will not be sharing the embarrassing details on this blog. I’m just not that masochistic. The only thing you need to know about this story is that I fell. The resulting impact left me with a bruised and swollen left arm and a bruised and swollen right knee. And some major skin wounds that bled more when the scabs rubbed off on my clothing than the initial period of wounding.
Now they just itch like crazy.
But my arm and leg both still hurt – a LOT.
I’m okay with pain. I just did Tough Mudder last month, I’ve birthed two almost nine pound babies without the help of drugs, and I was in the ROTC for a short stint in college. I’m not a victim when it comes to pain and I usually don’t let it slow me down.
Except of course when it gives me no other choice because it’s screaming that its presence is necessary to remind me of the healing process taking place in some important joints and muscles.
Who’d a thunk it?
The first few days I thought, cool! Now DH can’t complain that nothing is getting done around the house, because I have a darn good excuse.
Day four rolled around and I was starting to miss sleep. My arm and leg still hurt like crazy and do you know how difficult it is to chase a two year old around when you’re crippled? I don’t recommend it.
Day seven rolled by and I wanted to tear my hair out with the pain, insomnia, children who take advantage of their poor, injured mother’s limitations, and a husband who left thinly veiled rebukes about the dirtiness of the house. Even though he said he understood.
It’s day eleven. And I want to go into my garden and rip up all the old vines and plants by their roots…with BOTH hands.
In the realm of human limitations, I can’t.
I have never felt so lazy, nor have I felt so powerless and incompetent than I have for the last eleven days…
Did I mention my kids have been sick throughout this whole ordeal? And my DH is working a lot of overtime.
God, if you keep me from EVER harming myself like that again, I promise I will never be lazy or use laziness as an excuse for why my house is not clean.
And I will clean my house on a regular basis too…just to sweeten the deal.


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