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In which the 3 Day Novel Contest sneaks up on me and I find myself wholly unprepared

*Many thanks to Writertopia for their COOL graphic/widget/html code thingy that I use for my word count progress report. Seriously. For all the 3day-ers and NaNoWriMos out there, you HAVE to check it out. So fun and easy enough for a lay person to code. 🙂

It’s time for the 3Day Novel contest again and I will once again join the insanity with a horde of other insane people. For a long, zombiefied weekend retreat into madness that is my writing career.

I love it. This year, I am terrified of it.

I am so unprepared for the weekend, it’s not even funny. Getting out of debt, a child entering preschool, another child with a crazy, weird immune system, and the impending doom of the Tough Mudder NEXT weekend all converging to drive the contest cowering into a corner. My muse is shot, drawn, and quartered. My meal plan – isn’t. I have no idea what I’m writing – which honestly isn’t a first for me in this contest. Least of my worries really.

I’m strangely calm about this whole thing too. Whatever happens, happens. I will be writing this weekend, no matter what. Don’t have a muse, a plot, or even a main character sketched out…

Could be worse really.


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