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In which I’ve completed the first draft of a manuscript…Now what?

I signed The End to the bottom of my last page. It was late last night, so all I really remember in the haze was a feeling of euphoria and a bit of panic.

Now what? I’ve had a couple editors tell me they would like to see more of my work, but for editing purposes. Which means breaking the budget to polish and perfect my work in order to even get to the point where it is submission worthy…

I could pay those same editors to write my query letter, synopsis, outline, and everything…pretty much do all the hard work for me.

Again, we run into the money problem. Here I am trying – with my husband – to get us out of debt. This writing thing was supposed to help us at one point or another. I’m not seeing how putting more money into it up front is going to help in the long run. But I also don’t see myself stopping the art and craft of writing either. So my dilemma is…


I could pray that a fairy godeditor decides to take pity on me and edit my work for free, knowing that they have a winner of a story to sell once they’ve done the difficult part. I have actually signed up for a couple of contests that would give me thousands of dollars worth of editing packages for free. That’s IF I actually win it. Knowing my luck lately, that is highly unlikely.

I could self edit, put it through the critique group ringer, and let all my friends and family have a go at chopping it to little bits. Then I could risk a free self-publishing site which would take away the costs, but only return me as much as I am able to market myself…

I am not a salesperson, but I better start learning I think. 😦


It all boils down to my own impatience and need for the world to see that I CAN and DO write better than Stephenie Meyer. I definitely don’t rank close to J.K. Rowling, but I love telling my stories and I know I’ve got something publishable.

Even if it is just a diamond in the rough right now.

Which begs the question again…


PS Donations toward my poor, starving artist fund would be appreciated. Check, cash, or money order please. 🙂


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