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In which life is what happens in the middle of my plans…

Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans…

~ John Lennon

I recently heard a song called “Dancing in the Minefields by Andrew Peterson.

It’s about marriage and giving it everything we’ve got. I took it a little further…

To me, it says that life is all about everything that happens (good and bad) in the midst of all of our planning/plotting/scheming…

It says that what makes it worth every last bit of the battle, is those moments in between our scheduled events that have us dancing. Sometimes the dance is somber and quiet, a reflection of our grief, pain, sorrow, etc. Other times, the dance is one of joy and peace and utter contentedness.

My children are sick today. My brain is foggy from lack of sleep and I’ve been unmotivated in EVERYTHING…my husband came home from work with a headache and a bit of a dwarf Grumpy complex. He’s doing better now, but I was looking to him to be MY support and encouragement and it didn’t really work out that way. I found myself being the rock HE could lean on. And right now this ROCK is pretty much worn down by the floods of life. So support is sadly lacking.

It’s funny, because just a few days previous, we were rejoicing and living off the high that comes from getting rid of several major debts!

Now we are giving Tylenol, wiping runny noses, and changing the mess after our children miss the toilet/diaper…

I have not written a substantial piece of ANYTHING for several weeks and the withdrawal is driving me crazy…

I’m exhausted, my tank is completely empty, and my head aches with a weariness I can no longer fight.

Thank God, for His never changing, never stopping, always and forever love. He is holding me and I can sense His presence even through the fog…


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