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Day 3 & 4 of the 31 Days to Clean Mary/Martha Challenge

No, I didn’t fold under pressure and crack beneath the strain of a tough cleaning regime…
As I type this, my fingers are still shaking from the two day migraine that’s left me weak and drained. Naps, headache medication, and my BLESSED husband taking care of the kids in the evening have all contributed to the nasty Migraine Monster’s dastardly demise.

Okay…all good now and back on track.

So day 3 & 4 got shoved together and day 4 isn’t QUITE done because the cleaner for the stove has to be left overnight to be completely effective. You don’t get pictures until Day 5 because I won’t show you unfinished work. Plus, I took a bit of a break in rooms to get Bella’s disaster FINALLY cleaned up. Still have to get the bookshelf from my parents for her books, but otherwise everything else has a place… *Sigh of Relief*

The Challenges for 3 & 4?

Mary: Ask my family what makes them feel most loved when it comes to caring for our home. (3) Invite a friend over and allow them to “put their feet up”. Don’t worry about making everything just right. Just enjoy their company. (4) *I switched up the days’ challenges since I had my friend over on Day 3 and the question got asked on Day 2 actually. Jake is pretty easy when it comes to what makes him feel most loved. His actual response was, “Babe, if you clean anything, and I’m watching you do it, it turns me on.”

Yeah…like I said…easy. 😛

Martha: Clean the outside of the cabinets, dust the tops of shelves and refrigerator.

*So I did the refrigerator on Day 2 because seriously? Who cleans the entire fridge inside and out and DOESN’T dust the top in the process? As for the shelves, we don’t have any. and the cabinets were EASY. 🙂

Can I hear a WOOT! WOOT!

Thank you…

Anyhoo…stove gets done tomorrow and I will once again be on track with Day 5! If you guys want more information, call me or message me personally…the whole concept is great and I’m giving HIGHLIGHTS because I want you all to be intrigued. I’m really excited about where God’s been nudging me (See: Excruciatingly painful, but Oh, so gentle soul surgery) on my lack of discipline. This is a HUGE area of struggle for me, and I’m praying that throughout the process He works on my heart attitude first and foremost so that it doesn’t become another failed attempt at trying on my own. 🙂

Create in me a clean heart, O God,
And renew a steadfast spirit within me.
Psalm 51:10 (NASB)


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