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In which I procrastinate AND shamelessly ask for donations for my winner’s shirt


I have a right to procrastinate now. I’m WAY ahead of the game and nearing 43,000 words…

Can I hear a WOOT WOOT? 🙂

So yeah. I am not stuck per se, but I am definitely at a point in the story where I just need to write through it no matter how much it sucks…so I can get my 50,000 words and in NaNoWriMo’s challenge.

The real work begins in December where I actually have to *gulp* edit all the crap out of my novel. Hopefully, I will actually have words left over to go on with the story.

Anyhow, for us winners, they have special NaNo shirts that mark your success in BOLD. I am hoping that I do not sound too needy, but in lieu of Christmas presents, can each of you donate to the Get-Sarah-A-Winner’s-Shirt fund? Yeah, yeah…the shirt is ONLY $25.00 so that shouldn’t be a hardship for me right?

It is only because we are paying off school and credit card debt and that comes first…


I will accept cash or checks. Thank you for your generosity. 🙂


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