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Day 14: Book whose main character you want to marry…


Emma by Jane Austen

Okay. Mr. Darcy was already taken in a previous post. So I cannot unfortunately choose the one man EVERY Austen lover would pick in a heartbeat.

Such a pity.

Actually, I would choose Mr. Knightley hands down over the proud, incorrigible Fitzwilliam Darcy. Lizzy Bennet is welcome to keep him. Emma Woodhouse on the other would have quite the competition on her hands…and I’m not talking about dizzy Harriet Smith either.

I absolutely adore a man who can call a woman out on her BS without completely breaking her spirit. Knightley is strong, virtuous, kind to those less fortunate than him, and takes zero crap from his lady love.

Ahhh…I am surprisingly willing to overlook the sixteen year age gap in favor of the unbreakable commitment given by a faithful, partial old friend.

The one thing I couldn’t help but dislike about George Knightley? Because after all even the most perfect of husbands has his flaws.

He coddled Emma’s father far too much.

Just saying.

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