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On Word Sprints, Chris Baty, and the Feeling that I’m Alone Here…

There’s a book in you that only you can write. ~ Chris Baty

Yup it’s official. I’ve got a crush.

Okay, let’s get something straight before I go on…

  1. I am married – ecstatically so and my husband inspires me on such a frequent and regular basis that he has no fear I would ever leave him. EVER. You are hearing from one SATISFIED girl. 🙂
  2. Some people crush on attractive people – looks alone draws their attention. I am not one of those people. Most of the time anyway. Every once in a while it’s just looks AND the accent. (Antonio Banderas anyone?)
  3. I crush on people because their intelligence and inspiration to others inspire me to greatness. There is nothing sexual about it for me.
  4. I am typing from a caffeine-crazed, word-flooded brain at the moment…you are probably not supposed to take anything I say seriously until November is over… 🙂

So yes. I am crushing on Chris Baty because of what his fans term the Batyisms…I think there might actually be a book of them somewhere…

I probably wouldn’t be TOO embarrassed if he actually read this blog…

So I word sprinted last night until about 1:30am (Is that until early this morning then? I’m losing track fo time) What’s a word sprint you ask? I’ll tell you!

It’s like running except it’s all in my mind. I type excessively fast without stopping for a set period of time along with hundreds and thousands of other people all over the world. Last night I was sprinting with a group of WriMos from Beijing. I lost that one, but man was it exhilarating.

All in the name of padding my word count this November.

Next year, I’m sending out support letters asking for prayers, chocolate, wine, child care, and money toward a new computer (or software depending on how well my ASUS survives this frenzied month of typing.)

Hey! I just realized. My mind isn’t the only thing exercising during word sprints. My fingers were aching when I woke up this morning…repetitive movement is great for my finger muscles.

Until arthritis sets in. Or carpal tunnel. Oh God, my wrists. What am I doing to them?

I’m adding another item onto the support letter lists.

Wrist braces. 😉

I don’t really feel all alone in this big world. Sometimes, it’s isolating though sitting at a computer screen with only my characters to bring me comfort. And conversation. Am I the only writer who actually dialogues with my characters while I’m writing. I do it to make the words flow well in the story.

Am I alone in that?



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