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Day 10: Book that changed your life


Created to be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl

There are several books that have changed my life and one I even wanted to put here over Created. However, the other book has a different place in this list.

So I read this kind of against my will.

I hate the word “helpmeet” with a passion. Ask anyone who knew me growing up. The word “helpmeet” would conjure up horrifying images of a door mat, a meek and mild pushover of a wife with no say in anything related to her marriage and a timidity that would rival a mouse.

Yeah. So not me. Ask Jake, my amazing and surprisingly tolerant husband, and he will tell you that I am anything but timid or compliant.

If I don’t have the last word in an argument I choose deadly silence instead. Anything to make sure he knows my displeasure. Respect is a virtue I struggle to attain when it comes to Jake. He deserves my respect; I just don’t want to give it to him.

I read this and despised the woman who wrote it. I wanted to burn it a few times a long the way. Notice though. She uses the words “help meet” and not just the one word. Believe me. That makes ALL the difference for me.

See, Debi Pearl was (and is) by no means a pushover. She is married to a commanding often arrogant man who did not always deserve her respect and submission as a wife. She struggled for years to find answers like “How do I love a man who does not seem to care at all about MY needs” or “Why should I care about my husband’s needs when he won’t even take out the blasted trash?”

The other side of the coin? I LOVED this book. Debi takes the Scriptures and prayerfully (and lovingly) lays out the biblical model of a Christian wife. And that kind of wife is NO pushover.

What she is, is a strong, confident woman whose fulfillment comes from the Lord and whose unconditional love for her husband (with all his faults and failings) can lead her man to Christ without ONE word. By her example, she can show others just what it means to be the bride of Christ.

So powerful, so amazingly simple, and soul surgery inducing.

WARNING: Do NOT read if you have no desire to be a Christ-centered wife in a loving, beautiful, HEAVENLY marriage. 🙂

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