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Day 8: Book that scares you


The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown

No other book has scared me quite so much and I am not talking in a “horror-close-close-my-eyes-at-each-scene” kind of a scared.

I am talking about a – Brown writes exceptionally well and he’s bound to convince a good number of people that this story and the beliefs behind it are all true – kind of afraid.

I loved and hated this book more than any other book I’ve read so far in my life (well, we aren’t counting the Bible…)

He weaves a tale of conspiracy and cult and murder and lies and subtle truth that scares me silly. I know it’s a novel. I am intelligent enough to figure that out even without his disclaimer at the beginning of the book.

But there is just enough truth amidst all the “mythology” that could make for a very believable true story.


Of course, watching the movie, I completely realized just how absurd the whole thing was… 😉

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