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Day 3: Book that makes you laugh out loud


The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy or Everything Your Doctor Won’t Tell You


Okay picture this: A 220 pound whale (or the human equivalent) reading a humorous book on pregnancy. Think – poor bladder control, hormonal swings that rival a sleepover of adolescent girls, and a nose that snorts – loudly – when laughter is uncontrollable.

That would be me reading this book.

Jake knew I was depressed during my first pregnancy. I had gained a whopping 85 pounds (mostly baby and water weight, but the rest of it still hasn’t dropped off yet) and was so exhausted from carrying the extra baggage. (Loved the baby, hated the pregnancy itself…)

He must have mentioned his feelings of helplessness in passing to a coworker who decided to graciously give her assistance and this was the product of her generosity. Well, it was on loan actually because she still planned on having more kids – I think.

Anyway, I laughed my way through this epic adventure while tears leaked out and my bladder lost control – I will never make fun of Depends wearers again. 🙂

I really need a copy of my own – for the next time a little bump decides to make my body do crazy things. (Not any time soon mind you)

Donations going to the purchase of this book will be accepted – cash or check only. 😛

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